Martin Burton

After having an amazing spring Martin had been hearing stories of lake which had some real nice uns that got the old cogs ticking again

Martin purchased himself a ticket and spent his time flitting between this water and another.The new one is a bit too busy for his liking and a fair drive but the fish were worth the effort.

Martins plan was to fish overnighters inbetween work arrangements and the odd weekends.
With the nights drawing in the overnighters started to come good and the odd one was coming out in the dark hours.

One of these overnighters Martin received the take he was waiting for. A spirited battle commenced and after switching the torch on and peering into the net there was a very special fish laying within the folds.

This fish completed a little accumulator that Martin had ticking away in his head for the season ! Just over 41 lb this completed his set of three 40s from three borough's and topped off what's been a great season for him.

Im sure you will agree that's some achievement, congratulations and well done Martin

Great angling