Brought into the Rig Marole range to achieve maximum knot strength when used for zig rig fishing or simple hair rigs or surface fishing. The benefits of Specimon®  include a lack of memory and its almost neutral buoyancy. It does have to be greased for surface fishing for maximum buoyancy but straight off the spool for any other applications.

Available in 8lb (0.28), 10lb (0.30) on 30m spools.

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A very versatile DYNEEMA®  hooklink material which has a strippable inner of 10lb B/S fluorocarbon. Off the spool it is a stiff hooklink perfect for many presentations but it also comes in to its own with the inner stripped out and cut off giving a supple link. Also you can cut a small section to make the perfect hinge rig which is ideal for changing to pop up tactics. (Please see our video)

Available in Black, Grey, Sand or Camo in 15lb and 25lb B/S, on a 20m spools.

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Hydrolink® Micro

A scaled down version of Hydrolink®, using DYNEEMA®  outer skin. This has a finer inner of only 2lb B/S fluorocarbon so the material reacts like a mono/ semi-supple hooklink in water. 

Available in Black or Grey in 15lb and 25lb B/S on 20m spools.

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Hydrolink® Extreme

An up scaled version of the Hydrolink® with a super stiff 20lb fluorocarbon core with a DYNEEMA® braid over. It has been designed for Rig Marole’s equivalent of a Multi Rig, Chod Rig and a multitude of Combi rigs.

Available in Grey or Green in 25lb B/S on 15m spools.

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A coated braid designed to stand out from the rest. It uses a totally clear coating that is virtually invisible on the lake bottom. Also, its two-colour weave which breaks up its appearance in water. This is an extremely supple hooklink with a very low diameter.

Available in Brown or Green in 15lb and 25lb B/S on 20m spools.

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This is another unique hooklink item that other brands have tried to mimic. It is a special formulation grade fluorocarbon that has a vast amount of applications including Stiff rigs, Combi-Style, Chods etc, The CamH2o can be straightened by pulling tight just for a few seconds and also shaped very easy with your fingers – there is no need to use steam!

Available in 8lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb B/S on 20m spools.

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