Dan Burke

My dad started my interest in fishing, from the age I could hold a rod, I was hooked! Aged 10 I got my first bite alarm & the bug for carp fishing started. I started fishing Tilgate park in Crawley about 4 years later. In my first season I banked my first proper carp - the Perfect Linear at 18lb. A few years later I had the Big Leather & decided to move on. A real turning point in my fishing was 10 years ago when I started fishing a local syndicate. It was here I started targeting individual carp I wanted to catch. Around this time I also found Rigmarole. To start with I was using just a few bits & pieces that worked well for me. Their unique products suit my style of angling & targeting specific carp. You have to have the upmost confidence in your end tackle & that’s what keeps me glued to Rigmaroles gear. It’s difficult to say what my favourite product is as all the components I use I couldn’t be with out now! But if I had to choose it would be the free fall tubing in conjunction with Hydro link. For me there’s nothing on the market that compares. My fishing time is limited having a young family & working Shifts but on average I get in around 2/3 nights a month. The restriction on my time hasn’t stopped me banking some amazing fish over the past few years. I’ve had 22 30s from 9 different waters & 2 40s. Waters ranging from small ponds to 70 acre gravel pits. I’m looking forward to meeting like minded anglers in the team & working on some ideas I have.

Personal Bests; UK Mirror 47lb Common 36lb - Overseas Mirror 76lb 8oz Common - 41lb 8oz