Michael McMahon

I started my angling journey many moons ago fishing local beaches and piers with my father. The seeds of my obsession for carp were planted 24 years ago when a friend introduced me to his parent’s pond that was about half an acre and full of carp to 10lb. From this I fished many local waters for other species and larger carp with some success. My angling started to really evolve around 19 years ago upon joining my first syndicate. Since then I have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult waters and the many trials and tribulations they bring. I have been fortunate enough to catch eight English forties along the journey. I only have very limited angling time due to a small family. I get out on the bank for short overnighters and I know by using Rigmarole end tackle it helps maximise my rig concealment and doesn’t let you down, putting more fish on the bank. The range of products is going from strength to strength with more products in development. My favourites are the Micro Braided Freefall tubing, Camh20 Fluro and the ever faithful Hydrolink I can safely say im 110% confident in using the products and just have to worry about location!

Personal bests: Common carp 42lb 2oz. Mirror carp 45lb 8oz. Overseas: 53lb 2oz.

Bill Cottam

I was born in 1963 in South Yorkshire where I continue to live to this day: sadly - although it is improving - the North of England is not exactly a hotbed of carp angling! I caught my first carp - a mirror of just under 2lbs - in August 1976 and have fished more or less exclusively for carp ever since. My carp fishing life began on the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire ponds close to home, but as soon as I had passed my driving test I spread my wings and started travelling into Lincolnshire, where I was able to fish for slightly bigger fish. From there - in the years that followed - I travelled regularly to Kent, Hampshire, Cheshire and Shropshire where I was fortunate to get a place on The Mangrove Swamp syndicate. In 1986 - when I was twenty three and working as a life guard and tennis coach - Tim Paisley and I formed Nutrabaits; a company that I ran for in excess of thirty years. My life was put in perspective however, in the summer of 2013 when I suffered a bleed on my brain and during the subsequent six months I was forced to take off work, I made the decision that I was going to sell the company. I eventually did so in the autumn of 2015, although I remained involved on a day to day basis until June 2018. I got the European big fish bug a number of years ago and now spend most of my fishing time on waters that put me in with the chance of something genuinely exceptional. My currents personal bests include an 82lb Mirror and a 79lb common and I am told by those who know and care much more about these things that I do, that I was the first UK angler to catch seventies from two different venues. Although I do a bit of writing and a bit of consultancy work, I am currently retired, busily hunting the next big un and lovin’ every second of it!

Personal Best 82lb Mirror and a 79lb common

Mike Madeley

I've been fishing for around 20 years,started on the river Nene catching eels and roach ect..Im a member of the BCSG (British Carp Study Group) which is something im proud off. I fish all over the country,as i like to visit various venues and take on the challenges they present. My most memorable catch was Swanny from Elsons lake. Being ex Army i fully support carping4heroes and also take part in the Army Carp Championships (ACC) as well as representing the Army team in the PTSD Charity carp cup. I also regularly write various Articles in the On line Talking Carp ma

Personal Bests: Common 41lb 2oz, Mirror 33lb 6oz

Overseas 40lb 2oz Mirror

Alistair White

I first started carp fishing at the age of 11 in the mostly carp-less South Wales before progressing to some club lakes around Bristol and then graduating to the larger pits of the Cotswold Water Park, then in 2009 I relocated to the hallowed turf of the Colne Valley. Since then I have pitted my meagre wits against some of the larger and wilder venues the valley has to offer and that’s where you will still find me now, fruitlessly chasing myths and rumours for the most part.

I was first introduced to the Rig Marole product range several years ago by long time user and good friend Rupert Whiteman. Since then I have spent many evenings at the Horton Lodge rifling through his various tackle boxes/pouches/bags whilst he busily tied his meticulous rigs. I may occasionally have accidentally left his swim hiding a few metres of something I shouldn’t have over the years, so when John asked me if I would be interested in joining the team I did first wonder if it was to stem my bankside kleptomania. Jokes aside what interested me most about joining Rig Marole was that the products represent absolute innovation. Instead of being just another leader or just another coated braid, each product is uniquely different and specifically designed to do a specific job in a very different way to other products on the market. I’m looking forward to seeing what value I can bring to the team in terms of product feedback and development over the coming years and hopefully bagging a few beasts along the way (if they actually exist).

Personal Bests: UK Common 46lb 05oz Mirror 47lb 02oz