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Many moons ago I only had my quick overnighters to rely on. I suppose at the start I only had a small percentage of maybe taking the odd fish when they happened to be in my chosen swim; probably as little as five percent. Now in anybody’s book that isn’t great, good if I wanted a good night’s sleep, but as anybody that knows me will tell you I wanted to catch some fish!
This is when I had to increase my odds. With only a 5% chance I knew I would always be up against it.


My fishing circle would be my guide, a 100% fishing circle I set myself 70% to find (l.o.l). I would start my nights as early in the year as possible, this will give me every opportunity to marker a few swims out before I set up then when I was in for the night I would try and marker two more where I was fishing. Now this probably didn’t help my chances at the time but I would quickly learn the lake bed. As it has just moved into late April now and I thought a good time to put my theory into action.
The fish are pretty active right now and will easily give themselves away my plan is to arrive as early as possible and leave my gear and have a quick scout round, load my barrow and head for a few vantage points in the hope of finding fish.

Rigmarole Rigmarole

Once the fish are located I would make my food and drink so they don’t get in the way later, all fuelled up I continue watching the fish as late as possible moving down the swims as to keep in touch as dark falls. The carp normally give signs of where they maybe feeding but certainly where they are for the night.
By fishing to the fish in-front of me I now have a 35% chance of catching and I’ve only picked my swim.


Wicked I am half way their now I can use what I’ve learned earlier in the year with my marker. I now know where the carp might be feeding. I know what’s out there so I know how to fish each prospective trap.
With this in place I’m up to 50% chance, I believe. I still don’t have any rods out there but have already completed half my circle.


My next 20% would be made of many little things with many different spots in mind for example a hole in weed , gravel patches or maybe hard silt. Many different situations but with my knowledge I can fish each situation correctly. With all this in mind i now know what hook link colour to use. Which rig to use be it pop-up or bottom bait etc, and how much bait to add to each spot.


There are many ways to fish each given spot but to fish as cutely as possible will make better results.


I now have my 70% no rods out but that’s the easy bit now, I like to keep records of distance to make minimal casts. With rods out, normally before midnight I can sleep easy. By the way, I also think that everybody has a little bit of luck so there’s probably 5% extra for luck and probably this time of year conditions probably add a few percent too. I tried this formula and I did manage a few more fish than the nights and manage a few great times when all went well.


A scaly mid twenty, the best way to be woken up in the mornings!

I would also like to add that the percentages that I gave to what I thought where right at that time for me. I am sure that we will all have different percentages for different things.



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