FLX Precision Line

A fluorocarbon coated co-polymer designed to give the highest possible performance it’s a soft and supple fast sinking line that gives the best bite detection whilst remaining super hard wearing and a dream to cast.

Available in 10lb (0.26mm) 1000m per spool, 12lb (0.28mm) 900m per spool, 15lb (0.33mm) 800m per spool and 20lb(0.41mm) 600m per spool.

SLS Specimon® Tough

A line that has been designed to cope with the toughest of conditions including snags, gravel bars, tree roots and mussel beds. The fast sinking, low stretch, low memory line is super smooth to minimise friction and maximise casting distance. The line is copper brown in colour, making it virtually invisible on the lake bed and because it sinks so well it stays exactly where it should be – nicely pinned down!

Available in 12lb (0.30mm), 15lb (0.33mm) and 18lb (0.37mm) on 1000m spools.