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Rig Marole are always looking to bring out new ideas for specimen/carp
Fishing. So far we have managed to achieve a very different hooklink
Called Hydrolink which is used by a lot of the countries top anglers.

This season is going to prove to be a good one with the huge amount of
Interest shown in the new Freefall Lead clips. Fisheries in England and
Europe are now appreciating the safety aspect of the clips are many
Complexes believe that fish kills, due to lead clips will be non existent
with the new system.

Through the pages of this site you should be able to establish where
Rig Marole can fit in to your tackle box and not only making fishing easier,
but more productive on the bank.

A unique braid hooklink material with a removable fluoro carbon
Inner. There is no other hooklink on the market where you can
Make multiple types of rigs like stiff rigs, standard combi`s, stiff/
Supple hinge rigs, 360 rigs and many more. It has accounted for
Many big fish in the U.k and worldwide.
It comes in grey,green,sand (10,15,20 & 25lb) or new Camo finish
In 15 & 25lb

Hydrolink Micro
This is a scaled down version of Hydrolink with only a fine Fluoro
Carbon inner which does not need removing. Micro has a round
Profile so that will not cause mouth damage to fish but is still a fine
Diameter. It is well suited to bottom baits and is an ideal approach
For shy fish. Very popular for both carp and barbel anglers.
Available in grey or green in 15 & 25lb. A camo  version will out
Autumn 2007.

Freefall Lead clips & Rubbers
A very clever fish safe product that stops fish deaths due to lead
Clips tethering fish in snags and weed. The way in which they
Work means that as soon as the lead hits any obstruction both the
Clip and lead fall off leaving you with a snag free line which will
Enhance your catch rate in snaggy areas. The Freefall lead clips
are not intended for open water situations just where the risk of
snagging is likely. Although the clips are made of metal they are
Softer than the plastic equivalent but when tested will cast over 200
Yards without releasing.  Freefall Tail Rubbers come in brown to
match the clips and are soft so that the clip and lead are easily
ejected. Used by several of the top carp anglers in the U.K
& Europe.

Camh2o Fluoro Carbon
A pull straight stiff material that is near invisible on the lake bottom
And because it does not need to be steamed straight is ideal for day
Only anglers or people with limited time.
Available in 4,6,8,10,15 & 20lb.

Freefall Back Leads
A simple to use product with a sprung loaded clip that fits
Through the centre of the lead. The good thing is they only come
Off when snagged like back leads should.
Available in 1oz and 2oz shortly.

Hair Stop Applicator & stops
One of Rig Marole`s first products which makes applying stops
To hair rigs easier. By simply slidding a stop into your hair and
With the sharp tip cutting off it makes apply a new hook bait
Much faster and less hassle during the night or cold weather.
For the applicators spare stops which are made for use with or
On their own.

Braid/Leader Skin 
A clear shrink down material which can be used to coat hooklinks
Or as a leader. We recommend that small sections of lead wire
Is placed inside prior to shrinking to pin the material down. Ideal
In gin clear waters and or lead core ban waters.
Available in 1m lengths.

Lead Free Leaders
A Kevlar material only 0.05mm in diameter with a mono inner.
They sink like a heavy sinking braid so are very supple on the
bottom of the lake/river. They come spiced both ends, one with
micro loop and the other with either a fast change swivel or ring
piece swivel.
Available in 1 & 1.5m lengths in black,green or sand.

Hydrolink Ready tied rigs  
A simple hair rig with swivel one end and tied to hook in sizes
4-10 barbed or barbless. It has a one inch supple section under
the hook so is ideal for bottom or pop up baits.
Available in green 15 or 20lb.

Camh2o ready tied Rigs
Made from our pull straight  clear material in 10lb bs.
Available in sizes 8 & 10 hook barbed or barbless.

Pva Range
Although most companies sell pva mesh we think ours is
Hard to beat. The material is so fine you can use maggots and
Some crushed particle to feed beside your hook bait. The mesh
Tube system comes in standard and boilie size (5m) and refills
To match. The standard system refill also comes in 20metre.
Pva String comes on 25m spool and leaves no residue when

Lead Range 
We offer five lead types which all come in a brown textured finish.
Zip Leads in sizes 2- 3.5 oz.  Inlines in 2 -5.5oz.   Round Pear in
2-4oz. Flat pear in 1.5–3.5oz  and the new box leads coming soon.

We can offer three type of swivel that will fit the Freefall lead
Clips which are- Ring Piece Swivel, Fast Change and standard.
These are al in size 9`s.
We also offer a chopper swivel which is ideal for helicopter/chod
And marker float work.

Cork Products
We offer a range of cork balls from 8 to 12mm, cork particle
( for making pop ups) and cork dust for weightless baits.

End Tackle Sundries
We can offer a range of shrink tube from 1.5 to 3.5mm.
Stop beads in 5 & 8mm in green. Rig Rings in 3 & 4mm



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