Adam Honeysett

I have been a Rigmarole consultant for over 10 years now, I started fishing as far back as I can remember being lucky enough to have fished for & caught big fish in most Species. I have caught a number of different 40’s with a favourite capture of mine being The Monks Pit Big Fully @ 43lb+. I have been with Rigmarole along time because we are always thinking outside the box when creating new products, & believe me these products are to catch the Carp & not the angler.

Personal Best Mirror 47lb 02oz - Common 40lb 04oz

Darren Belton

I have been angling since i was 5 years old , exclusively for carp for the past 30 years. During this time i have fished all over the country and have been fortunate enough to have landed 45 fish over the 40lb mark including 5 over 50lb. My current pb is 58lb 12oz from wellington country park.This year i have a new ticket for a large kent pit and im looking forward to getting started on there. My favourite fish would probably have to be the amazing big common that i was fortunate to have at 54lb 8oz.

Personal Best Mirror 58lb 12oz - Common 54lb 8oz

Andrew Batty

I've been using the rigmarole products for quite a few years now, my favourite had to be the skinful and hydrolink. Skinful is awesome for 90% of my fishing, but when fishing anywhere snaggy or full of weed its has to be one of the hydrolink as this undoubtedly the strongest hooklinkI've ever used. Most of my fishing is done fairly local to home/Yorkshire where I've had carp to 43lb

Personal Best: Mirror 43lb Common 38lb 8oz Overseas: Common 50lb 4oz Mirror 49lb 15oz

Catherine Hodgson

I own Black Lagoon Fishery in Stansted, Essex along with my Hubby Ian. I have been Carp fishing for around seven years. I love fishing estate lakes for old dark warriors , I am not in to chasing the next PB but enjoying my surroundings and just being on the bank, I like lakes to give me a challenge, the lake I fish currently has approximately 15 carp and is proving to be testing me to my limit but still I persevere. My fishing is limited being a working Mum to my seven year old son Alfie so I tend to grab the odd day session here and there with longer sessions through the School holidays when he can come along with me. Fishing has become more than just a hobby for me it is more of a lifestyle, Running my own lake takes most of my time whether it’s taking bookings or manual work, as well as this I am the team leader for Galaxy Baits. Carp fishing for me is not just about catching fish but also making memories! It’s spending time with family and friends. It’s about the excitement of the unknown, catching fish that are older than I am regardless of size gives me such a buzz and being able to share these moments with the important people in my life is the greatest thrill of all.

Personal Bests: Common 28lb 2oz Mirror 25lb 4oz

Rupert Whiteman

I have been using Rigmarole products almost exclusively for the past eight years now (without a formal sponsorship in place). As for many poor souls, it all started after a chance meeting with their pimp-in-chief at the time, a certain Les Bowers! Being someone of limited intelligence, I couldn't believe just how quick and simple the Hydrolink he was demonstrating to me, would make the tying of my favoured combi rigs of the time and the rest, as they say, was history! I still use the exact same material for 99% of my current fishing, even stripping the fluorocarbon core out if I need to tie-up a stiff hinge or God forbid, a chod rig! In fact, the only time I can't use it, is if I'm floater fishing... Even though my angling (time) has changed massively in recent times, Nigel and co. have continued to support me without question, despite my ability offering up little in return. For that I'll always be grateful! If my word has any sway with you, I can't recommend you do any more than cast an eye over their terminal tackle. Whether it's the humble Bore-ring, the more recent LinkteQ, or the latest, braided Free-fall tubing, there is a genuinely innovative, groundbreaking product that will benefit each and everyone of you...

Personal Bests: Mirror 39lb14oz Common 38lb12oz Overseas: Mirror 62lb130z Common 54lb10oz

Peter Napier-Clark

I've been fishing for around 35 years starting like many others on local ponds and streams tiddler bashing. I then got in to fly fishing for wild trout on both the River Itchen and Test in Hampshire. I started carp fishing around the age of 15 after seeing mates catching huge fish on bread crust and luncheon meat, I was hooked! My real passion is surface fishing which I guess comes from my fly fishing days. Such an adrenaline rush seeing a huge set of lips sucking in your dog biscuits as you set the hook. I started fishing foe carp more seriously when I met good mate and fishing companion Darren Belton in my late teens who introduced me to Rigmarole products. I've always used the products, trustworthy, no gimmick tackle designed by real anglers. My favourite being the Skinful Hooklink which I use for 90% of my angling. I mostly fish in Kent and Sussex on old Estate lakes and gravel pits.

Personal Bests: Mirror 54lb Common 42lb

Ian Hodgson

I own Black Lagoon Fishery in Stansted, Essex. I have been fishing for around thirty five years years. At the age of twenty seven. I suffered a Brain Haemorrhage leaving me paralysed on the left side of my body. After intensive physiotherapy I was able to walk again but I was left without the use of my left arm, I have had to adjust my fishing drastically as you can imagine learning to fish with one arm was quite a challenge for me but I persevered and can once again do most things but I will not hold fish for a trophy shot as the safety of the fish comes first. I enjoy being on the bank amongst nice surroundings fishing tricky waters. The club lake I fish is very low stocked ( approximately 15 fish). I enjoy both the social side of fishing with friends and family and having some time alone away from the stress of every day life. I have three children, two grown up daughters and a seven year old son who take up a lot of my energy as well as running the Lake. So for me fishing is about chilling out and enjoying a challenge not just chasing the next PB.

Personal Bests: Common 36lbs 4oz Mirror 30lbs 2oz Overseas: 42lbs 3ozs

Tony Smeets

I have been fishing since 1977, and after seeing my first carp on the bank, that was me hooked, excuse the pun. Since then, I’ve done my best to develop my angling skills and to find more and more ways to enjoy this fantastic sport. I've been involved as a consultant in the industry for around 13 years and I find the most enjoyable aspect of consultancy to be the involvement in developing new products and improving established ones. I run my own company, so time is limited, but that makes putting in the effort and earning the rewards even more satisfying.  I’m an angler who loves what he does, be it a dedicated campaign for a monster, or a few hours on the bank to see what comes along, fishing for me is just about catching and the sheer pleasure of this wonderful pastime, and that will never change.

Personal Best: Linear 47lb 8oz

Gary Hagues

I’ve been carp fishing for 35years and started fishing on the local park lakes catching my first 20lb carp in 1987, going on to reach the magical 30lb barrier in 1992.

Beginning of the 90’s saw me with a driving license and travelling further afield to fish for bigger carp catching fish to high 30’s until family and work commitments meant I had to stay closer to home. Also from the age of 20, I fished the big open public lakes in France such as Cassien, and Salagou then moving on to the more commercial waters such as Rainbow and Mar Peche.

2005/6 saw me catch the World Record Carp at 83lb 02oz and the following year catching the same fish again at a New World Record of 87lb 08oz. During the first few years of the new millennium, I also caught over 35 x 50’s and 6 x 60’s in France before my time was culled again with starting to run my own Syndicate in 2008. Myself and my business partner now have two syndicates and a fish supply business where we buy and grow carp on to sell to Specialist Carp and Club Waters. The fishery business started as a hobby as my main job is Golf Professional based in the Midlands.

Personal Bests overseas 87lb 8oz Mirror

Michael McMahon

I started my angling journey many moons ago fishing local beaches and piers with my father. The seeds of my obsession for carp were planted 24 years ago when a friend introduced me to his parent’s pond that was about half an acre and full of carp to 10lb. From this I fished many local waters for other species and larger carp with some success. My angling started to really evolve around 19 years ago upon joining my first syndicate. Since then I have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult waters and the many trials and tribulations they bring. I have been fortunate enough to catch six English forties along the journey. I only have very limited angling time due to a small family. I get out on the bank for short overnighters and I know by using Rigmarole end tackle it helps maximise my rig concealment and doesn’t let you down, putting more fish on the bank. The range of products is going from strength to strength with more products in development. My favourites are the Micro Braided Freefall tubing, Camh20 Fluro and the ever faithful Hydrolink I can safely say im 110% confident in using the products and just have to worry about location!

Personal bests: Common carp 42lb 2oz. Mirror carp 45lb 8oz. Overseas: 53lb 2oz.

Martin Brown

I work in the very high pressured fast track Construction industry sector , I’m sure if it wasn’t for being able to get Bankside now & again I’d of truly lost the plot by now ! When I catch a fish yes I’m the happiest man in the world but fishing is so much more than that to me .... I’m really looking working alongside the Rig Marole chaps and helping to promote the brand whilst out on the bank . Thank you to Nigel & John for giving me this opportunity .

Personal Bests: UK 42lb 2oz common Overseas 55lb 4oz Mirror

Richard Austin

One of my most memorable catches not just because it's my Overseas PB at 69lb 2oz but because of how hard I had to work to catch it, it's a fish named 'Mason' & is the lake record at the challenging Lac Des Lesmont. I baited a margin swim 50 yards away daily where the water hits 23ft in depth, on the 5th day with around 20kg of boilie & particle in the area it tore off - the ensuing battle & arm wrenching fight is one I will never forget I was shattered & the adrenaline was pumping what a beast to hold.

I love to fish many types of waters at home here in the UK and Abroad with a French trip a couple of times a year. My 6yr old daughter Scarlett is following in my foot steps and is often found on the bank with me learning all aspects of angling like my father did with me. This makes me very proud to see her improving every trip - after all this is the next generation.

Personal Bests: Common 34lb 5oz Mirror 34lb 6oz, Overseas 69lb 2oz Mirror

Mike Madeley

"Ive been fishing for around 20 years,started on the river Nene catching eels and roach ect..Im a member of the BCSG (British Carp Study Group) which is something im proud off. I fish all over the country,as i like to visit various venues and take on the challenges they present.

My most memorable catch was Swanny from Elsons lake,and being ex Army im involved with Carping4heroes.

Personal Bests: Common 41lb 2oz, Mirror 33lb 6oz

Overseas 40lb 2oz Mirror