Product - Bore Rings

Bore Rings
The new bore rings is designed to make using d rigs, chod rigs, Blow back rigs etc easier by simply screwing your bait (8mm+) on down to the ring.

Bore Rings
The picture shows how versatile they are and can be used to attach boilies, pellets, maize artificial baits, nuts and some paticle baits.

Bore Rings
The simple idea shown means you can change a bait without use of bait needles, stops, bait floss and rig rings.
Rigmarole Bore Rings
The stiff rig shown is just one of many applications. These can also be used for attaching baits for surface fishing and also for zig rigs. They have been tried and tested and your bait will not come off on the cast.

Available from all proper specialist/carp shops!







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